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San Jose Construction Co., Inc. (SJC) is a leader in sustainable construction practices and is committed to protecting and preserving the earth’s natural resources. SJC has been involved in numerous green / sustainable and LEED projects, and reducing our human footprint is a shared responsibility and a commitment SJC extends to jobsites and personal practices of the SJC Team.

SJC's LEED Team manages our LEED practices and collaborates with each client to advise on approach and coordination of SJC’s contractor responsibilities and reporting. SJC's LEED Team is highly-qualified with (2) LEED Platinum certifications.

To ensure the integrity and success of SJC’s efforts, SJC has established the following practices:

  • Regulatory Compliance. SJC understands and complies with all applicable international, federal, state, and local environmental statutes in the locales in which SJC works. SJC seeks to patronize partner businesses with similar environmental business practices.
  • Continuous Improvement. SJC is aware that today’s practices may be outdated tomorrow. Significant progress has been made in the conservation of our resources and the preservation of our environment; however, SJC shall continue to be innovators of change and seek better, more advanced, and sophisticated ways of proactively managing environmental responsiveness.
  • Communication and Education. SJC Team members and business partners will continue to be trained with our environmental practices and beliefs.
  • Waste and Resources. SJC seeks to reduce waste from our operations by use of recycling and technological advancements to eliminate rework. SJC conserves natural resources by using recycled and reused products as well as implementing energy and water efficient measures.
  • Wildlife and Habitat. SJC will protect wildlife, their habitats, and other sensitive ecology by complying with regulations and local ordinances. In addition, SJC will seek alternatives to preserve and restore natural habitats whenever possible.
  • Emissions. SJC will reduce our emissions by improving our operations. SJC will seek alternatives for offsetting the emissions created. As more efficient technology evolves, SJC will continuously improve our baseline emissions.