A Tribute to Patrick S. Di Manto

Patrick S. Di Manto began his commercial building career in the early 1970’s, as a Project Manager / Estimator for Vanderson Construction Company.  In a short time, he was promoted to Vice President, where both his marketing and negotiating skills would refine to perfection. Pat enjoyed many successful years with the Vanderson team, where his skillful knowledge would make lasting impressions on business leaders, clientele and subcontractors alike.  After twelve years of loyal and dedicated service, Patrick was eager to make his lifelong vision into a reality: to restart San Jose Construction, a company originally founded by his Father.  It was a giant leap, and Pat was ready.  In 1984, San Jose Construction Co., Inc. re-emerged as a new force in the Valley.  Patrick served as President and Co-founder of San Jose Construction Co., Inc.  A partner with his Father, John Di Manto, Patrick led and managed the daily operations of a growing and dynamic team of builders for the next 22 years. 

As Silicon Valley transformed into a world leading technology center, Pat seized the opportunity to advance San Jose Construction’s momentum and standing as a construction industry leader. SJC’s success and rise as a ‘Top 5’ Bay Area General Contractor was greatly attributable to Patrick’s business development finesse, leadership style and magnetic personality.

Pat Race Car

As a business competitor, Patrick was a force to be reckoned with.  He was a masterful negotiator and a marketing genius, never afraid of taking risks.  He embodied a tenacity and determination that would become one of his many endearing qualities. Patrick did not take ‘no’ for an answer easily, and he made you love him for it. 

Patrick earned the devotion of clients and subcontractors alike, and was known as a true and gracious man of his word.  He understood the importance of relationship building and customer service excellence. Service and quality workmanship were the foundational building blocks of SJC’s collective mission.  Pat spent many Friday afternoons at his desk, calling on a growing list of clients, just to ask how they were doing, and if there was anything SJC might do for them. “Can I come by and hang a door for you?” was Pat’s way of expressing to clients his ever-humble willingness to take care of them, no matter the size of their project. 

Within SJC’s organization, Pat led with a collaborative spirit. He valued and respected the contribution and opinion of others, and encouraged his team to ‘be the best they could be'.  He was inspiring, motivating and generous in all ways.   

On February 21, 2006, Patrick S. Di Manto conceded to a bravely-fought battle with cancer. The impact he made in both his personal and professional world was vast and far reaching. Pat’s farewell was attended by a sea of friends, family and business associates; a poignant reflection of the man Patrick was, a man well-loved and a life well-lived.

Pat’s torch continues to light our path and inspire us to be the best we can be.